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Default Re: Unable to use Standard Editor Options

OK, I went through everything I have available on this machine and its attendant VMs. In some cases I checked for updates and tried it again.

Looking at this more thorough analysis, it's pretty obvious that it's only working in browsers where I've visited recently and the site has existing cookies and cache. Force-reloading didn't change anything either way, but after I cleared all browsing data on my phone I got the same failed site as in all the browsers where I haven't visited recently. Logging in afterwards didn't change anything on a quick test.

Browsing to I get:

Windows 10 Pro 1703 64-bit
With Popup Menus
Vivaldi 1.12.955.38 32-bit (Extensions enabled.)
Vivaldi 1.10.867.38 32-bit (Extensions enabled.)

No Popup Menus
Firefox 56.0 32-bit (Extensions on and off.)
Edge 40.15063.0.0 (No extra extensions installed.)
Opera 48.0.2685.32 (Extensions enabled.)
Chrome 61.0.3163.100 64-bit (No extra extensions installed.)

Windows 10 Pro Insider 1709.16296 64-bit
No Popup Menus
Edge 41.16296.0.0 (No extra extensions installed.)
Vivaldi 1.10.867.46 32-bit (No extra extensions installed.)

Windows XP
No Popup Menus
Firefox ESR 52.4.0 32-bit (Extensions enabled.)
(and some out-of-date browsers)

Android 6.0.1 (Nexus 5)
With Popup Menus
Opera Mobile 43.0.2246.121183 (before clearing browsing data)

No Popup Menus
Firefox 55.0.2
Chrome 51.0.3163.98
Opera Mobile 43.0.2246.121183 (after clearing browsing data)
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