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Default Re: 2 girls 1 giant baby hand

Originally Posted by Gnomasz View Post
I'd say it's a matter of relative size of the combatants. Going by Large Area Injury (p. B400), you'd need 7 SM difference.
That's one way to go, definitely. Thinking of a net, you'll want something that goes up one side of a hex, across it, and then down, which is five linear yards for the one-yard hex, which is 1 --> 1.5 --> 2 --> 3 -->5 +4 SM larger or so. I might allow SM delta of 3-6 or so use "Pass Limb" or Rapid Strike to try and get more than one critter at once, or if SM +7 just get 'em all.

If it's something you want to deliberately enable, use the smaller number (+4 SM) as a go/no-go.
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