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Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
Of those:

Easy access to the other planes seems to be at least partly included in Node.
Reduced Paradox magic seems to be Sanctum.
Research lab can be included in Sanctum.
Research library is Library.
Nodes are Node.
Guardians might be Allies or even a Mentor.

I hesitate to include those, as the rules seem to say that they are to be bought separately. That leaves fortifications and security systems; wards, which I think would be set up by casting spells of protection; communications, which are either mundane or magical, with transplanar communications involving opening portals to the spirit realm, most easily done at a Node; and flunkies.
The chantry only protects those inside. Giving the chantry those backgrounds means they're available only for those in the chantry... and the mechanics on BotChantry grants the same benefits as the relevant background.

Taking Nodes, Library, or Sanctum personally are just that, personally. Others cannot use them, or do so at penalty. A chantry's ratings can protect all inside it.

A personal node is not easily accessed by by others. A chantry node is a shared resource, one which might have been used by others in the chantry. And probably much easier to access.
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