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Default Re: Unable to use Standard Editor Options

Originally Posted by brandonm View Post
For those affected, please list your browser versions and OS on any devices where you experience this issue.
Windows 7 Pro Service Pack 1, affecting:

Firefox 56.0 (64-bit)
Internet Explorer 8.0.7601.17514 (64-bit version)
Google Chrome 61.0.3163.100 (64-bit)
Apple Safari 5.1.7 (7534.57.2) for Windows 7
Opera 47.0.2631.48

I also did not adjust any settings before the editor buttons/drop-lists went kaput. I only noticed the menus not working right when it was mentioned in this thread.

EDIT: Sincere thanks for trying to help, Anthony. Up to this point I was just about to chalk it up to Loki or Coyote taking an interest in me again. :)
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