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Default Re: GURPS Naruto: Again (assumes some familiarity with the source material)

Originally Posted by N.H.Alicia View Post
Here's a mock-up using advantages:

Fireball Jutsu (9 points)

2d6 Burning (base 10 points)
Requires Gestures: both hands (-10%)
Costs Fatigue/ER: 1 (-5%)
Uses Ninjutsu Talent

(Should it require a roll to aim, a roll to perform or both? I'm torn. If the second, there should be an auto-success threshold.)
You've got an Innate Attack there. Roll to Activate is a Limitation you can add if you like but doing away with the roll to hit altogether probably isn't even an option. Even Guided or Homing would be Enhancements.
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