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Default GURPS Naruto: Again (assumes some familiarity with the source material)

So, how do we do this? Thoughts?
First order of business: The fact that even trainee ninja have absurdly high ST and DX. More HP seems to be a must, too - maybe even ablative DR. I'm thinking we use Powers for some of the increased attributes (this way we can add limitations like "Not when out of chakra").

Techniques, next. Powers or Spells? I could go either way: they're very much like spells, but powers might work. Magery could be used to represent skill with each different "school".

Here's a mock-up using advantages:

Fireball Jutsu (9 points)

2d6 Burning (base 10 points)
Requires Gestures: both hands (-10%)
Costs Fatigue/ER: 1 (-5%)
Uses Ninjutsu Talent

(Should it require a roll to aim, a roll to perform or both? I'm torn. If the second, there should be an auto-success threshold.)
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