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Default Re: Unable to use Standard Editor Options

Originally Posted by Armin View Post
I'm having similar issues, also on Firefox (v56, 64-bit).

I also can't access any of the pop-up menus that I believe use javascript, such as Forum Tools and Thread Tools. Clicking on one of those just jumps me to the bottom of the page, instead of opening the menu.

ETA: This does not seem to be happening to me on the RPGnet forums, just here. I don't visit any other forums enough to compare.
This is exactly the same issue I'm having. I noted that when I click on my name the various tabs aren't tabs, too. And yeah, it's not on any other forum that I've seen, just this one. Also not just on Firefox (all my browsers have been affected), which was the weird part.

Strange that we're the only two people being affected by this...
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