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Default Re: First Impressions

I just got done trying out the new game with my regular group and I gotta say it was an amazing success!

It was kind of a spur of the moment decision. We where going to continue the newly started cyberpunk campaign I was running, but one guy couldnít make it, and heís the hacker. Sure, I could have made rolls for him but that didnít sound like any fun, so I sprung this on the guys instead.

They made characters. I have the PDFs so I was able to loan out my laptop and tablet so multiple people could look things up as needed. I put them to work on it while I familiarized myself with the dungeon, which I hadnít had the chance to read yet.

We had a GURPS newbie amongst us, and he took to it quite well. He chose the Cleric template and made his character on his own with only having to ask a few questions.

It still took us about four hours before we got to the actual game, but there was a lot of talking and pizza eating as well so thatís not at all bad.

The veteran GURPS players where impressed! They made comments as to how the rules where explained so much better and that it was likely an item to appear on their Christmas lists.

We didnít finish the dungeon but we plan to play it through in later session(s) now.

Good job!
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