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Default Magic Lamp with multiple monsters

i) At the link below, you can find an episode of Tabletop where Wil Wheaton plays Munchkin with three guests, one of whom is Jackson himself.

At the 20:46 mark, a player kicks the door and finds the Wight Brothers (Undead, lvl16, the player gets 2 levels and 4 treasures for beating them). She can indeed beat the Brothers by herself, but another player plays a Mate.
Now, if the player beats the Monsters, they get 4 levels and 8 treasures. So far so good.

Now, the first player plays Magic Lamp. The Magic Lamp says that [card text deleted].

But the player is facing another monster after one is vanished (either the Brothers or the Mate) so the underscored does not apply.

I am a bit confused by the wording; does "vanished" means "defeated"?
If no, then the player gets 2 levels and 4 treasure for beating the other monster.
If yes, then the player gets 4 levels and 8 treasures.

Steve Jackson says during the game that if no one messes with the player, the player gets 2 level and 8 treasures. I do not understand why, though.

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