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The two of them quickly parkoured down the side of the church, and dashed quickly to the north. Soon, they arrived in a Five Points that looked as it must have in the 1920s and 1930s, when it was the “Harlem of the West.” Sturdy brick buildings had clean windows and hand-lettered signs, while old cars from different eras remained parked outside.

They saw many fewer people walking the streets than expected, though, but the old Rossonian Hotel gleamed brightly, and light streamed from the windows.

Nearing the end of their time, the two decided to walk into the Rossonian. There, they saw a large assembly of black folks, dressed in fine suits with tie-pins and gleaming watches, or lovely old dresses adorned with furs and jewelry. The cool sounds of a saxophone wailed from the doors to the bar in back, and an older gentleman in a dark suit and a bright tie, with tightly curled snow-white hair and gleaming teeth, welcomed them from behind the desk.

Just as they started to respond, they woke in their bodies, in the chilly old sanctuary of their church in Capitol Hill North.

A.J. and Beatrice reported on the their rather wonderful visit, much to the annoyance of Aurelia and Sunmi. However, A.J. and Beatrice pointed out the first visitors’ rapid journey to the hospitals was likely due to the same phenomena the two of them experienced, albeit in far less stressful circumstances.

With that, the session ended.


Funny Quotes

A.J. (after describing to Aurelia what they’d learned in Chicago): We should trigger a qlippoth in the other world (through the Dark Canyon portal), and see what happens!
(Beatrice flips him the finger.)
(Sunmi laughs in sheer disbelief at the suggestion.)
A.J.: You guys are no fun!

(Beatrice reports that the remainder of her parole has been vacated, and takes the usual round of ribbing about what got her arrested, in the first place, and cost her the lower half of her left leg.)
Beatrice: It was one, one incident of violence!
Henrietta: I thought she was going to say, “one ball.”
Beatrice: Oh, I’m pretty sure it was both balls – and the prostate, and the lower intestine….

A.J.: We always have the nuclear option! It’s awesome!
Beatrice: You’re hilarious.
Aurelia: We’re not blowing up Paris in another dimension!
Beatrice: I wonder if maybe somebody has already blown up the Paris world? Maybe there’s already a zombie apocalypse, over there.

Aurelia (not happy about Taverner’s interference in JoCat’s last will and testament): Do we want to do something about it, or just let it play out?
A.J.: I say, let it play out.
Aurelia: That’s because you have half a soul!

Aurelia(learns of the tentative notion to steal a dirigible in the 1919 world): This isn’t the worst idea we’ve ever had!

(Aurelia's astral avatar turns out a little different than expected.)
Beatrice: Your new name? Day-Glo Barbie!
Aurelia: I will mess up a spell just to f**k you up, I swear to God.

DM: You’re being eaten!
Sunmi: Alive! I’m being eaten, alive!
Aurelia: It’s only your soul. It’s okay. A.J. has only half of one, and he’s okay.
Sunmi: I can’t go out, like this!

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