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Think of Correspondence 2 (Data 2 for Technocrats) as letting you extend your senses and make small changes when combined with other spheres to objects in space.

So, with Correspondence 2, you could see or hear someone else, and not need to worry about light.

Forces 2 allows control of existing energy, be it light or sound. To communicate with someone from afar, use the Correspondence 2/Forces 2 effect to manipulate the light or sound around them and understand their response to your signals. For example, you could send an SOS using light patterns on a billboard.
Well, yes. But that's assuming that you are creating light and sound at the other end in parallel with the light and sound at your end. That's not what happens in the reverse direction. Violet doesn't need Forces to see and hear Moon; she just opens the window, and some of the original light and sound comes through the window—in effect, she and Moon are adjacent to each other. That uses Correspondence 2 and nothing else.

What I'm suggesting slightly stretches a point, I admit. If Violet were standing next to Moon, and opened a window to someone Violet knew, and then extended her remote perceptions to share them with Moon, that would call for an extra roll at +1 difficulty, but still based on Correspondence 2. If Moon were somewhere far away, and Violet were looking at her, Violet could share the window with Moon the same way (Correspondence lets you use magic at a distance)—but the obvious result is that Moon would see herself, the same way Violet did. If Violet opened a window on a third person, though, that would be Correspondence 3, and the same at +1 difficulty if she shared it with Moon.

But what if the "third person" is Violet herself? That is, what if Violet makes the window two-way? You could say that it's just a special case of "third person" and still takes Correspondence 3. Or you could say that it's taking the Correspondence 2 effect and make it work both ways, and that's still Correspondence 2 at +1 difficulty, still lower rank because it's not general purpose.

From another angle, if you can open a window and look from Shropshire to London, can you visualize yourself as being in London? And can you then make yourself visible and audible, as a ghostly image, perhaps just of your face? In other words, can you do something like "astral projection" with Correspondence 2? (That seems to be a somewhat different effect.)
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