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Default Re: Racing Design Guidelines

1) Your game lasted 2-4 turns? That's not really a race ;)

2) Twin HMGs with HD ammo are broken beyond belief - reduce the HMG to 1d+1 base damage and it's fixed.

3) Agree with most of AM's racing suggestions - like no weapons fire lap 1 and no dropped solids/liquids. To really encourage racing no weapons fire unless vehicles are on the same lap...

4) IMO turn-based movement is the only way to go for racing - move your whole turn then fire - I'd really like to see X-wing style movement for the crossed loop section of your track :)

Originally Posted by Lindmark71 View Post
The event was at in Delaware.

Starting speed was set to 60, so new players could have immediate reinforcement of multiple car lengths per phase.

Most of my convention players have never played before.

Combat was allowed immediately.

Cars were placed as far apart from each other as possible.
The track was a figure 8 track with a non-crossing loop worth 1 point and a crossed loop worth 3.
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