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Default Re: Trying to make Black Widow

Originally Posted by TimTimmy View Post
I mean, if I wanted to have a really hard unarmed attack, which would it be? I am guessing the Karate Exotic Hand Strike, but I don't know.
Yup, Exotic Hand Strike is a good start. Then add on the damage bonus from Karate, and have good ST (or, like I said, Striking ST) overall.

To increase your effective ST, see about buying the Power Blow skill. It costs FP, and it tends to be slow to use (unless you can afford it at very high levels), but it can double or even triple your ST. So if your base ST is 12, you could pump it up to 24, for base thrust damage of 2d+1, or even ST 36, for base thrust damage of 4d-1. The extra dice of damage are particularly nice when combined with the bonuses from Karate, which are, as noted, per die. So if you have Karate at DX+1, Exotic Hand Strike, and roll against Power Blow to triple your ST to 36, you'd be doing 4d+5 damage on one hit, which is quite good, certainly against unarmored humans.

Also look into Pressure Secrets. That skill effectively lets your unarmed skills function as impaling weapons, rather than crushing, which opens up a lot of useful tricks. The vitals hit location is a good example - you can't normally target it with crushing attacks, but you can with impaling, so Pressure Secrets lets you do that. And that means if you hit, any damage you do get through DR is tripled. Combo that with the Power Blow attack I mentioned above, and you can kill opponents very fast.
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