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Default Re: Shape shifting with Costs FP

Originally Posted by Gnomasz View Post
Uhm… why? It produces a continuing effect.
It's been confirmed that Alternate Form and Morph act a bit differently than most other switchable abilities when it comes to limitations like Costs Fatigue or other ongoing costs (see the FAQ on this topic, for instance).

Because of the way the Shapeshifting advantages work, adding templates to your own, these sorts of limitations are a bit harder to balance. Think of it this way - say you take an Alternate Form, and apply Costs Fatigue to just the base 15 points. Now, you also take a template with a bunch of abilities. Now, in another build, if you took a bunch of advantages, but they cost FP to use, you'd get a discount. So with Alternate Form, if you have a positive template, and you charged an ongoing FP cost to maintain a transformation, you'd end up with abilities that were more limited, without the discount for that. But if you applied Costs Fatigue to the whole template cost, things get very weird too - for example, say you have a template that includes five 20-point advantages, and you apply Costs Fatigue to the whole cost. You'd save 5 points, and presumably have to pay 1 FP per minute to keep it all going. But someone who bought each of those advantages on its own, and put Costs Fatigue on each of them, would still save only 5 points total, but they'd have to spend 5 FP every minute to keep them active, and activate them on five separate rounds to boot.

Basically, for these reasons, it's actually simpler to handle ongoing costs for a transformation as part of the template cost, though things like Dependency.
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