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Default Re: Trying to make Black Widow

Originally Posted by talonthehand View Post
What books do you have access to? That'll help us point you in the right direction.

They tend to frown on people just quoting segments of the books on the forum, is why I ask.
Oh good point he might not have GURPS Basic Set.
So here are some FREE suggestions if you do not and maybe even then.
GURPS Lite for Fourth Edition
GURPS Martial Arts Techniques Cheat Sheet
GURPS Combat Cards are handy for getting used to all the details of various maneuvers.

Also check out my blog and Mooks blog for good newbie tips and Douglas Coles Gaming Baillistic for more advanced stuff.
Looking for group in my area
REFPLace GURPS Landing Page
My List of GURPS You Tube videos (plus a few other useful items)
Pyramid Writers Group Pt II
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