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Default Re: Trying to make Black Widow

Originally Posted by TimTimmy View Post
I don't want to be "That guy" but figuring out Gurps combat is really hard. I have no idea what the damage is. What's a good Martial art? I want a good attack, and some dodge. Bonus points for telling me the damage for a str 12, dex 14 char.

GURPS Basic Set Characters p. 16 Damage is Thrust for 1d-1, ST 13 would get you 1d so worth considering.
High Karate skill also gets you a damage bonus.
Striking skills are Boxing, Brawling, and Karate with karate being the most overall effective at unarmed damage.
Grappling skills are Judo and Wrestling and I would build her with Judo, Karate, and Wrestling
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