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You should note that pointwise it's inefficient to buy up multiple techniques from the same base skill. If you buy +1 to each of three techniques, it costs you 6 points. But if you buy +1 to Karate, it costs you 4 points, and ALL THREE techniques (and all the other Karate techniques) get the benefit of that +1. Or you can buy +1 to Karate and +1 to one technique for 6 points, and then that one technique gets +2 and ALL the other Karate techniques get +1.

(Narratively, this encourages each character to have one signature move for each important skill.)

Other than that, I'm thinking that all three techniques you named are based on Karate. Karate is not a "melee weapon" skill but an unarmed combat skill. That might be affecting what you see. I'm not sure because I don't use character sheet software; I do it all by hand.
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