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Default Re: Skill to balance books on sword?

Originally Posted by Hellboy View Post
Just saw Quackfaster do this in DuckTales episode 4. She obviously must have Parry Missile Weapons as she is able to use Grabbing Parry against objects thrown to attack her. Since you need a hand free to keep doing that, rather than drop on floor she balanced them on a sword in the other hand.
From this description, in the sort of cinematic setting it's even possible, the balancing is probably a Shtick - cool looking but basically useless visual gags typically are.

For the more realistic version of moving around while balancing stuff in a way that looks sufficiently "impossible" to impress people, I'd probably go with a DX based Feats of Strength roll - I use that a lot for carnival trick type things. If you have a Performance (Juggling) skill in your game, that's a good option too.
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