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Default Re: How do you force a celestial to celestial combat? And what do you do with captive

Originally Posted by PenitentDemon View Post
Always wondered, When a Celestials sent on a mission thats likely to involve celestial combat, how healthy should their reward be?

Should a angel in particular have lost forces replaced? it said archangels will sometimes replace forces lost during a redemption... and a angel who loses them on a mission to Hell has a greater claim I think.
While a lot will depend on the Superior, I think the main thing is that the GM is clear about the situation. Is this mission a 'losing a Force is acceptable damage' or not? David would probably be happy to replace Forces so long as you are grinding Hell down, Laurence if you were following orders, while Michael would probably have rewards solely determined by how successful you are, so as to encourage you to find ways to avoid the loss: but richly reward you for hurting Hell.
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