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Default Re: Create Plant and Herb Lore

So, the text of the spell doesn't specify whether it's "generic" vegetation to the landscape or if you're choosing what plant to Create, but I'm very sensitive to the argument that this could create an entire magic system around a single spell. In some ways, I'm SUPER into that, because that's interesting and rewards player creativity. On the other hand, it's a valid point that there should be character buy in on that.

It occurs to me that a very similar effect could be made by "seeding" an area and using Plant Growth (Or, in the Case of Fungimentalism, spreading spores about and using Fungus Growth) to develop into mature plants. This requires the player buy-in by demanding that they either find the appropriate herb or fungus and then maintain it at some level to be used and harvested. Once 'matured' that plant or mushroom could be harvested again for this "starter". It's also a lower process than Create Plant, taking 1 minute, rather than 1 second per FP.

I think that's more balanced, create something more of a sustainable Plant (or fungus) based system where Magic benefits Herb Lore, and also is Rules as Written as far as I can tell.

Let me know if I'm off base on that, though.

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