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I suspect the only cover that gives you anything even vaguely approximating respectability is that the woman runs a boarding-house and lets rooms to the others.
I kind of think the same. Of course, the character took three dots in the negative background Reputation, but I think that even five dots of that should not result in the police coming in and arresting you. Even so, the neighbors are likely to regard her with suspicion.

Oddly, the very diversity of the male residents might tend to lessen the scandal, because many people would simply not assume that an Englishwoman was sexually involved with a black man, a red Indian, a Chinese, and a Gypsy, particularly when the last is ten years her junior. But there will probably be a lot of "there goes the neighborhood!" Particularly, perhaps, among working class people who thought moving to Fulham was a step toward respectability. . . .
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