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Default GURPS-Car Wars skill equivalency equation

I have a relatively new-to-GURPS GM friend hosying a mad max campaign. Im the most experienced with both that and car wars among my friends, and the GM likes the udea of using both systems. Car Wars for cars, GURPS for roleplay and infantry combat.

Since im the experienced one I'm the default tutor and ref. The way I see it there are three things that need a translation between systems.

1. Damage, health, armour scale
2. Time scale/distance units
3. Skill equivalency

Possible solutions:
1. Pentascale? Decade seems off but 5x is pretty close.
And maybe 10x for component HP on cars.
2. Either just have infantry do a gurps turn at the end of every CW round
Maybe just use csr wars infantry rules whenever cars are involved at all
3. Figure out an equation that gives the same % to succeed on several
example tasks of varying difficulty and use that actoss the board?

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Note: "Don't do that" isn't a helpful suggestion, we're doing this for fun!
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