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Originally Posted by Flyndaran View Post
What does that even mean? You can't conjure up willow and its bark for a headache, because it has a medicinal use? Or all the highly toxic plants?
Or the very useful aloe?.
Yes. No it doesn't make a lot of sense, but it is the usual dodge around making Create spells into "do anything with a good story" effects they otherwise inevitably become. They summon some sort of "Platonic ideal" whatever that has only the properties of an ideal thing, not of any specific example.

Some level of player buy in to that is probably required to make such spells usable, whether you implement that as summons such an imaginary generic, or you allow them to summon any specific thing they want with the unstated understanding that they won't actually *use* any properties that the generic thing wouldn't have (including the "has cash value" one). You need to remove most of the flexibility from any given Create or Summon spell if you don't want that one spell to turn into an entire alternate magic system. A brief look at the hoops Snatcher has to jump through to make it remotely balanced even at it's enormous point cost should be enough to convince yourself of that.
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