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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week (#21): Channeling

Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
I've never used Channelling on a PC or NPC. A PC group I'm in considered having someone buy it as a way of allowing an ghost Ally who used to be a PC to use his skills in the physical world, but we found it won't serve: the spirit needs the Possession advantage.

A GURPS: Theosophy campaign would see this used a lot, but most parties of PCs are probably going to be willing to let the shaman or other specialist do the talking to spirits.
Medium is far more popular because it is more interactive and lets the player talk to the spirits rather than sit around being used by them.
As for the Possession issue
Compartmentalized Mind (Controls) could let a spirit use the body without needing Possession and I would allow a new enhancement Ridden, +100% to allow that.
Also from GURPS Psionic Powers I allow Mind Trap see A Cage of Thought (p. 66)and the Technique on p. 67 to apply which allows you to trap a spirit.

Edit: The enhancement to Mind Shield is called Lockdown, +100%
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