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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week (#21): Channeling

In 3e, page 103 of the Hellboy RPG had a Psychic Investigator template ilas a BPRD agent who could have 3 levels of the Channeling single-skill power, which can also be a sub-ability of the Ectoplasmic Projection power on 134. It is cheaper 2(/Lev instead of 3/Lev) as just Channeling other spirits into ectoplasm without the ability to projectyour own mind into it.

This "can be inhabited" (willing only I figure) by a spirit in immediate area. They are tethered and cannot travel away.

Similar to possession it can try to stay if it doesn't want to leave when you evict it. The spirit can steal your hit points and give you its energy to fuel the power (it has costs FP)

Building this would be interesting. I think it would be Channeling (insubstantial only) with Insubstantiality (projection, ectoplasmic form) but I an missing the piece which prevents your mind from going out...Basicay you are only projecting a mind to let it be possessed, cannot use it yourself.
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