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Default Substantial Projections

I just noticed on Powers 58 that Jumper: Projection combined with Insubstantiality can allow a physical form from the ghostly.

I am wondering if this might also work with Warp: Projection if you wanted to manifest a body on the same plane...

Also I am a bit confused on how to work things with modifiers like "usually on".

It seems like projection creates an "always on" insubstantiality by default which you can turn off if you have the basic insubstantiality power.

So costwise how would it differ if you had to pay FP to temporarily become substantial while jumped (or maybe warped, if extrapolatable) ?

Also wondering if you did not want to jump/warp but simply project from your body then step into another if that would be dine by buying insubstantiality twice?

P58 almost seems like "Reverse Insubstantiality". Except having the unmod trait would allow you to go insubstantial whether or not you were if you only bought itnfor purpose of going substantial while doing Jump-Projection maybe that would be Insubstantiality (Only While Insubstantial -10%) ?
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