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Default Re: Shapeshifting / Projection / Out of body travel

One major difference here is what happens if your body or projection is killed while insubstantially projecting.

Shapeshitfting Projection into insubstantial : both body and mind die

Insubstantial Projection + Shapeshifting : if projection dies, body can persist as vegetable. If body dies, you might survive as an astral entity if you make a nearly impossible will roll.

Another aspect is Shape shifting: Projection is for Alternate Form only so you would be limited to one animal and would need to buy Shapeshifting multiple times for different forms.

Conversely, Insubstantial Projection + Shapeshifting (in sub only) with Morph instead of Alternate Form would allow you to take multiple animal forms as a projection.

I think this might be the key to how Ectoplasmic Projection: Inhabited Ectoplasm works on 3e Hellboy 135 as it says "a spirit inhabiting ectoplasm can shape it as it sees fit", which seems in line with pg 143's "Multiple Forms" note under Manifestation"

Only mod needed is "requires skill roll" for the shapeshifting skill.
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