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Default Re: Wandering Monster clarification, re: Suspended Animation (Star Munchkin 2)

Wandering Monster, as far as that card is concerned, is played on the Monster that is wandered in. Suspended Animation removes one Monster from the combat by allowing the player of Suspended Animation to take the Monster into his or her hand. Any Monster Enhancers on the picked up Monster are returned to the players who played those cards. If the Monster was a Wandering Monster, then the person who played Wandering Monster gets that back, too. One-shot Items helping the Monster are not returned, as they are played to the Monster side.

So, in your example, you are correct. If you removed the original Monster, and not the Monster added to the combat with Wandering Monster, then the "wandered-in" Monster, any enhancers played on it, and any one-shots played for the Monster side will remain.
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