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Default Re: [Spaceships] [Space] Firing an Azrael-class world-killer at a planet's moon

Originally Posted by cvannrederode View Post
According to my Ti-89, the tau factor need to make a 10^10 gram Azrael (nice round number) have 2x10^32 J of kinetic energy is 222,531

The tau factor at 0.99999999999c (eleven nines) is 223,607. So at that fraction of the speed of light, the KE of a Azrael exceeds the gravitational binding energy of a Earth-sized body.

Does anyone want to work out how long (relative to the target planet) it would take one to reach that speed?
Do you want to include the time required to rip out the Ramjet and replace it with ^ Reactionless Thrusters?

It's already using a Cinematic ramjet to get to 0.5 c. A realistic speed limit is probably a good bit lower than that. Like magsails ramjets appear to make better brakes than accelerators.
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