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Default Wandering Monster clarification, re: Suspended Animation (Star Munchkin 2)

Situation: One monster is in combat, another is wandered in, and a monster enhancer played on it. The first monster is removed with Suspended Animation. Am I correct in thinking that this does not affect the wandered in monster in any way, other than leaving it fighting alone? (As Wandering Monster is not actually played on the first monster, it is just played and adds a monster to a combat.)

I had a ~15 minute argument about this, where the other person thought it removed the other monster too because Suspended Animation says "If Wandering Monster or any enhancing cards were played on it, return them to their owners." I pointed out that Wandering Monster being capitalized referred specifically to the card, and thus that would only affect anything if it were played on a monster that was wandered in, not the primary monster from kicking down the door/looking for trouble.

Bonus question: Suspended Animation would not return one-shots that add "+X to either side" either, correct?
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