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Default Re: Advice for new players thread.

Originally Posted by Taliesin View Post
1. If your template has any one point advantages you should almost always take them. They are generally central to the way the character is designed to play. Most of them are also the best bang for the buck in the game.
Similarly, one point in a skill matters more than it seems. Take Swimming. With a HT of 12, one point gets a 12 skill. The default is 8. That's a jump of four points in skill for one point. You'll never see a better return on an investment of one point. Also, having even low skill greatly improves your survivability if the skill becomes relevant. If the water-filled pit trap gets you, you're at -2 for every level of encumbrance. If you have medium encumbrance, the default skill, and HT 12, your skill is 4. You have a 1.85% chance of success. With that one point, you have skill 8 and a 25.92% chance of success. That's a big difference.

So don't overlook those 1-point skills, especially the everyman skills.
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