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Default Re: Several questions on alchemy (and/or herb lore)

Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
Hastur, Mab, Voldemort! Bloody Mary, Beetlejuice, Ghostdancer!

I keep getting this wrong somehow.
Hey! I hang out with those guys at the bar.

Originally Posted by Jefepato View Post
Phew. I'm glad I talked about Alchemy instead of Herb Lore then.
That may have worked too. :-)

Originally Posted by Jefepato View Post
As a GM, I'm probably going to eliminate the distinction between conventional and quick techniques. It makes some logical sense that they're different (obviously the quick technique must be doing something very different if the elixir isn't simmering for three weeks), but a Quick Gadgeteer isn't going to have any reason to buy the slow version. (The only penalty for quick-brewing is that -1 for improvised tools, and you'd be better off by far increasing Alchemy skill instead of buying the slow techniques if you're really worried about that penalty.)
Good call.

Originally Posted by Jefepato View Post
7. Could you make a combination elixir of two (or more) of the same elixir? Like, if you wanted to save time in a crisis by combining three doses of Speed into one shot. (I'm having trouble finding a page reference, but I assume that each potion you consume takes a Ready action, and you would need two seconds to drink two potions?) Of course this only would make sense with elixirs for which multiple doses are effective, but still.
Hmmm. Yes. But I'd call that a version of Cosmic (call it "Combined Dose" or "Enhanced Effect") worth around +50% if it's the same potion or +100% if it's different potions.

Originally Posted by Jefepato View Post
8. Could the Extra Dose enhancement apply to elixirs where only one dose at a time normally works? I assume that this isn't especially effective with most elixirs (like if you could use two Strength potions, the effects would probably overlap, not stack), but you never know if someone might need two Death doses at once. (For science.)
Sure. Why not. As long as the potions stack or previous effects overwrite or overlap the other. As an aside, if you wanted the potions to stack I'd charge a +100% Cosmic ("Additive Dose") or something like that.

Originally Posted by Jefepato View Post
9. Would the Cosmic enhancement (+50% for adding utility by "avoiding drawbacks," per Power-Ups 4 page 7) be an appropriate way to avoid the risk of HT loss for taking a third dose of the Celerity elixir? (As a GM I'd be concerned about game balance if players started doing this. But, you know...hypothetically.)
Hmmmm. I'd consider making it +100% - but yeah, sure.
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