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These are nobles with an urban instead of rural base. Depending on local custom they often have no prejudice against being in trade making a merge with powerful merchants a matter of generation, or of a given House's strategy(one House for instance might be more a political House then another but in this town it is just because it's chief preferred that) rather then then class.
Instead of Countryside Estates, the wealthiest Patricians have Hôtels, large compounds within the borders of a city, often taking up an entire city block, with double doors large enough for horses and carriages. Every Megalan city holds at least one Hôtel, and Megalos itself holds a dozen.

These Hôtels are the social centers of Megalan urban life, with Patricians routinely hosting balls, dinner parties, theatrical productions, or even simple game nights and gossiping get-togethers.

(Concept taken from GURPS Swashbucklers)
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