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Hrm...see, I was picturing more like a rain of fantasy game fireballs, or a rain of earth spears, or things like that - or at least, that's the attacks I'm kind of trying to model. Things where the attack is against everything in an area, but it matters how good you are at dodging. I.E. the big slow warrior can't get out of the way of the earth spear and just takes it and absorbs the blow, but the quick acrobatic monk sees it come in the air and dodges aside.

The way bombardment is modeled as stated here, it instead seems like it's more of a general probability - like was said, maybe intended for faster projectiles than are normally shown in a lot of fantasy games. The, say, lightning bolt heads for you or it doesn't, but if it does head properly for you, it's too fast and you can't get out of the way.

One way is about the character's ability to dodge, the other is about the probability that a projectile heads for the character. I had thought that bombardment was actually both, but it seems like it is only the latter.

Which I get, and is fine, but if that's the case, how do you model an attack that's slower and dodgeable but affects everything in an area, like the aforementioned earth spears, mana bolts, or what have you? Maybe it's just a matter of house ruling a -5% "can be dodged?" or something like that? Where the net benefit of your modifiers is just "you attack everything in region X, but only once per target?" - and they can still defend normally?

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