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Default Re: [Basic] Disadvantage of the week: Absent-Mindedness and Short Attention Span

I suppose if you're playing the absentminded guy there is no point in not giving him crushing penalties to notice things. -10 it is. And yeah, most of those characters will have decent per to start with, so it generally won't go into negative numbers.

Originally Posted by RogerBW View Post
(The perk from PU2 p. 13 I take it?)

I'm not sure there's anywhere I'd use that. If a character took both I think I'd probably throw both the penalties on, and consider that a lengthy noncombat task might well become boring too.
sorry, Single-minded, not focused. page 85.

I would never give a character both focused and short attention span. They seem just too contradictory. Either one might work for absent minded though. I might stick a limitation on short attention span that makes an exception for certain types of tasks though, and that would be compatible with single minded.
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