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Originally Posted by Sdrolion View Post
Apologies for resurrecting something here, but...returning to GURPS after a while away, and was refreshing my memory on some of this stuff. In another forum post a while back ( years ago...), I was questioning Area Attacks and options for dodging them, and asked if it was possible to set up an area attack that attacked people in the area individually and was then dodgeable like ordinary innate attacks. Folks responded that I should look at Bombardment as that was what I wanted.

It's somewhat unclear in the text, but I did kind of feel on rereading that it would be dodgeable - instead of being a true "area" effect it just "attacks" everyone in the area. I.E. Instead of being an "area effect" it has now become a collection of separate "attacks," which could theoretically be dodged.
It's a collection of randomly targeted attacks. If the projectiles were slow moving or you could dodge actual bullets in motion then you could dodge them like you were playing a Bullet Hell game. Usually though people don't dodge bullets, they dodge the people aiming the bullets and that doesn't apply to bombardment because they aren't aiming at you but at your general vicinity. So it's a question where your cinematic dial is set.
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