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Default Re: Pyramid #3/107: Monster Hunters III

Originally Posted by Randyman View Post
I've had the bare bones of a couple of such campaign ideas for a while now. This is a must-have! :)
Thank you so much! As a first-time Pyramid author, this means a lot to me.

Originally Posted by scc View Post
Possibly the biggest missing piece here are rules for what would technically be trivial stuff that could have big impact: Too many nights out late and/or bad report cards might result in a ground from your character parents grounding the character, meaning you have to either sneak out or miss out, things like that.
There's a lot of stuff I wanted to expand on, but ended up cutting for brevity. Contrasting lists of mundane and supernatural plot hooks were one thing that didn't make it. The throwaway line at the end of the introduction, about getting so distracted by a demonic metaphor for a standardized test that you forget to study for the real one, is a relic from that process.

As it is, my treatment assumes that your parents take a hands-off approach unless you take one of the presented social advantages or disadvantages (Meddling Parents is the big one). However, there's definitely some room between "Not sufficiently overbearing to be worth a disadvantage" and "outright negligent".

If this becomes a regular thing for me, I'll need to start a gaming blog so I can post designers' notes like Ghostdancer does. (Kudos again to him for convincing me to submit this article and acting as a beta reader - I couldn't have done this alone).
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