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Default Re: In Nomine: the Pacific War (IC)

Originally Posted by Rocket Man View Post
...Aeolus praisin' Odysseus for bein' the first guy to use his mind instead of his prayers when he meets the gods ... and then he's telling me that the answer should be 'flaming obvious' with a little more information from someone educated."

He trusts the inspiration, but not the clock. If someone doesn't help him fill in the blanks quickly, he's going to have to act as best he can.
Originally Posted by Dalillama View Post
Glen drops into an extremely unconvincing John Wayne impression.
"Weellll, shorely this ain't yer first rodeo, pardner. That there greenhorn is a 'fixin to get throwed by a couplea bad broncs. Mebbe they need a stronger hand on the reins?"
Ryuki's distracted but manages an answer. "Definitely an ethereal. Dammit we've got an Olympian."

Meanwhile Corat, confident in the build of his vessel, wanders out into the crowd to help keep people out from under wheels.

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The chario---er, car tries to violently eject Sunae but without luck. The spirits within are too familiar to a Fire Woman and she rides them like it's just an off-road cycle.

The guy riding the car can't decide if she's cute or dangerous, but as far as getting the car out of the crowd he just shrugs. Other than the hot back end, the car is closely surrounded by people. One of them near the front passenger fender just got knocked over, and another lurch forward would seriously injure her.
Originally Posted by Puck View Post
Mitch frowns and looks like his tail would be twitching in anger if he were in his Seraph form. He hurries forward as best he can in the crowd and reaches down to the woman who was knocked over. Helping her to her feet he Sings Corp Healing under the guise of brushing her off.
And at the sound of the Song the car goes wild, its front end hopping up several feet and nearly but only nearly dislodging the man--the Olympian, if Ryuki is right--with the rope. Sunae would be knocked off her feet but not off the car itself (unless she's got some jiujitsu that I'm not seeing Posting from work.) Corat risks being made to body-slam two people out of the way of the falling front end at Ofanite speed.

The crowd shouts in excitement and panic, and the car responds with more forceful thrashing. Von Galen is headed towards the scene but has to fight the crowd to get there.
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