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Default Re: Holy Warrior's Heroic Might alternative

Originally Posted by shadedmagus View Post
Heroic Grace: Raises DX for skill rolls pertaining to combat and athletic abilities, e.g. climbing, balancing, etc. Does affect Basic Speed.
Heroic Grace 1 - effective DX+3, Basic Speed+0.25
Heroic Grace 2 - effective DX+7, Basic Speed+0.50
Going by the RAW Heroic Grace doesn't add to Basic Speed. If you're going to give a bonus based on DX then it should be adding +0.75 and +1.75 to Basic Speed. However, if the goal is to simplify I'd go with +1.00 and +2.00 to Basic Speed, which also gives +1 and +2 to Basic Move. Honestly though, I'd probably just go by the RAW and have it not give a bonus to Basic Speed.

Originally Posted by shadedmagus View Post
Heroic Vitality: Raises HT for added FP and resistance to malodorous conditions, e.g. moving through high or low ambient temperature areas or poison clouds, or resisting the contraction of really nasty diseases.
Heroic Vitality 1 - effective HT+3, FP+3
Heroic Vitality 2 - effective HT+7, FP+7
By RAW Heroic Vitality does add to Basic Speed, so should get the +1/+2 Basic Speed and Basic Move bonus I mentioned above.

Originally Posted by shadedmagus View Post
EDIT: Thinking a precalculated Basic Lift might be useful for Heroic Might as well. How does +15 lbs for level 1 and +40 lbs for level 2 sound?
That's essentially the effects on Basic Lift for ST 11 getting a +3/+7 ST bonus. The Holy Warrior starts with ST 13, which would have Basic Lift +17 lbs and +46 lbs with the +3/+7 ST. I'd probably round those to +20 lbs and +50 lbs in a simplified system.
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