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Default Re: Our dwarves are different

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
In parallel, in humans, at least, there is something of a universal cult of motherhood, which goes with the fact that women are risking their lives to bear children. Indeed from a traditional point of view it could be said to be unfair to ask women to face death in battle since they were already facing death to bear the next generation of soldiers. There is also the old saying that "Greater love hath no man than a mother cat dying to save her kittens," which applies more broadly than to our species.
Actually to my mind the parallel in humans is aesthetics. It can be pitiful to see women including quite goodlooking ones get as nervous about their looks as men about their prowess. But there is something of that too.

For Dwarves, if Dwarves have an intense ancestral veneration that includes desire to be venerated by posterity. As well as an intense parental protectiveness that both includes and is separate from this desire this can add to that. As well, their family feeling can be clannish and not just individual, so that a maiden aunt or bachelor uncle can hope to be remembered by posterity. That can encourage them to sacrifice in a way they wouldn't otherwise.
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