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Default Re: Sweet heaven is this well written.

Originally Posted by Pseudonym View Post
P.109 of Dungeon Fantasy - Adventurers, under "As You Like It," that's the most absolute madman thing in the entire set.
"You're wearing a suit of Heavy Scale?"

"Actually my character is wearing a spiked codpiece, a wide leather weight-lifting girdle with studs and a giant buckle, gigantic spiked pauldrons held on by no visible means that don't hinder my vision, random metal bracers, and huge fur boots. With spikes."

"And your Plate helmet is...?"

"A steel headband."

I am 100% OK with this, as long as the player is fine with it being conductive, enemies mysteriously knowing that all that bare skin is actually armored, and that your pauldrons won't randomly fall if poked gently. And no bonus damage beyond the gauntlets and boots stuff. I'd usually suggest something like that be Ornate so they can intimidate/impress people with it, but it's not mandatory.
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