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Default Re: Can guards do more than blades?

Guards can't do more than blades, and they can also do more than blades. There are a lot of techniques that talk about striking with the pommel or Guard (or cross guard) and these techniques range from "stunning" the other person for a follow up or just out right knocking them out (or knocking out an eye).

So, yes it is possible to break someones joint by punching it with the guard.

Now, by GURPS rules. Damage for a "Hilt" strike is thr cr for most weapons with a hilt. This damage does get the brawling bonus if it applies, so you are looking at thr+1 per die as a maximum.

That will be anywhere from 1d-1 to 2d+1 (ST 10 to ST 20) and a joint cripples at HP/4, so that means you need to do 3 - 5+ points of damage to cripple a wrist. Doable.
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