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Default Re: (DF) Best class for sneaking up on someone and killing them?

Originally Posted by Set View Post
Assassin. (DF12), (P#3:50 for Power-Ups)

Grab as Advantages: Night Vision, Striking ST (only on surprise attacks) and Luck.
If its not either the ninja or the assassin, something is really off.

A quick run down of stealth skills says the Thief is the best sneaker, at 18. He is followed by the ninja and assassin at 17, and then the rest of the back is lead by the martial artist at 15, and the swashbuckler is worth mentioning at 14. After that everyone has it, but no one is excellent.

If we look at the highest weapon skill for the folks on that list, ninjas, assassins, and swashbucklers all have 18's. The martial artist has a 16, and the thief a 14 (which is about as low as DF gets).

Damage is harder to calculate because how you spend your advantages matters. Theives max out at ST 13 in a backstab. Swashbucklers are highly variable, but max out at either ST 18 and weapon master, or two attacks at ST 15 and weapon master. Assassins can get ST 19 on surprise attacks. Ninja using killing strike and maxing out ST can get ST 17 + weapon master pretty routinely, but weapons won't be optimized. I don't even know how to start with the martial artist though.

So the assassin and ninja come out next to the top on pretty much all of the three ratings. I don't know which one is better to be honest. The Assasin is stronger at the first blow, but the ninja has weapon mastery and continues to get his bonuses. Its pretty close.
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