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Default Re: Mental Stun spell recovery

Originally Posted by FrothFrenzy View Post
1) Another thread states Combat Reflexes helps in resisting mental stun and therefore applies to this spell. But reading through the advantage, it states it applies to IQ rolls. Will is affected by IQ, but is it safe to assume it is treated as a separate attribute in this case? So does this mean Combat Reflexes helps only against subsequent rolls and not the initial one (the one where you resist the spell)?
I don't know any official ruling, but I'd say Combat Reflexes helps only on the subsequent rolls to recover.

2) Say I cast the spell on an animal. First there is the Will save, and the target has an ok chance to resist. But now it has to succeed on an IQ roll, and this is very improbable. Is there a rule somewhere that covers this or do we just assume IQ = Will in this case? Or is the success of the spell treated as a "you win" against animals?
Mind Control spells, Mental Stun among them, don't work on animals at all (p. M133, in the introduction to the chapter, just below the flavor text). But a character with IQ 6 and no special advantages does roll against 6 and might be in a "you lose" situation here (that's what you get for taking -80 points in one trait).
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