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Default Re: [DF, DFRPG] Social Stigma - Savage versus Minority

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
Which normally necessitates a proportaional cost.

What I'm questioning in this thread that they are both -10 points.
Yeah ... okay. Completely missed that point.

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
That's quite a view on flirting with bar maids... :) Or just about any "monster" that looks "good enough". We all know at least one player like that.
"Everything must look like a girl to you humans ... "

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
It isn't about "taking them lightly" it's about trusting them to keep their word once the "not going to fight" deal is done.

Why would a civilized person trust a savage?

But yeah, I could easily see only limiting Savages to the "Buying and Selling" penalties (and occasionally being bared from town).
I would guess the fight bit of things could be put down to sheer unpredictability - is this the noble, single combat sort of savage or the skinning-and-headhunting sort?
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