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Incoming report +++++++

After a couple of OGRE/GEV games with a friend of mine who works in a tabeltop gaming store in the center of Milan, he asked his company to order a bunch of 6ED and Ogre reinforcement copies. The company did it. I cannot disclose names and trademarks, clearly.

However, I am thinking about the promoting the game in fairs/events here in Italy.

In April 2018, there will be a big event in Modena.

Please check the following link:

They are already promoting it. Maybe someone from SJG or a hardcore OGRE fan, could participate with OGRE stuff.

I am willing to help!

1) I can contact the organization through friends and ask if there is a space/table for SJG;
2) I live in Milan, and I can help for temporary accommodation (for free). I have a nice bedroom in the house. I can get you from the airport etc....;
3) We can drive from Milan to Modena (2h drive) with my car (for free). I know some inexpensive hotels there (we share, this). I went to Modena last year to play in the FFG X-Wing Miniature game Italian Open;
4) I speak Italian and I know the game;
5) After and/or before the fair, you can stay at my house for a week (if you are interested in visiting Milan).
6) You can PM me to ask details, so I can give you all information you need about myself, my work, my familiy, my ogre collection, where I live etc...

Why am I doing this at 44 years old? I simply love OGRE.

If anyone of you is interested, please provide feedback. I will answer to everybody.

Leonidas out

end of report +++++++

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