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Default Re: Our dwarves are different

Originally Posted by The Colonel View Post
Actually, speaking of Pratchett, how do we portray female dwarves? Rare or just all but indistinguishable from the males? (And recall there was variation even in his dwarves ... the Copperheaders had acknowledged gender within their community whereas that was a massive taboo for dwarves from Uberwald
I've always preferred dwarf women to have beards, considering Pratchett's version an affirmation of my tastes rather than any sort of unexpected twist. Their marriage rites really struck a cord with me so I decided to appropriate those for my own dwarven culture. Of course, my world's dwarven culture is about half human/dwarf hybrids and contains many other citizens who are in whole or in part minotaur or dragon (all my cultures are melting pots to some extent or another, allowing excuses for players to modularly buy any genetic template and cultural template combination they want).
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