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Default Re: [Thaumatology] Conditional Terminations

I was playing around with general guidelines for conditionals and a friend came up with this:
Conditional durations are split into two modifiers that are multiplied together:
1. In Nature's Course: The base likelihood that the condition will occur naturally if someone or something were not aware of the magic's presence.
Nearly Certain (1): The next sunrise, the next breath
Common (2): When someone walks inside the room's maintenance shaft
Rare (3): When the object of the casting is destroyed
Absurd (4): When the object of the casting becomes unrecognizable or falls apart

2. Deliberate Trigger: The likelihood that the condition to be *made to occur* by someone deliberately
Trivial (x1): Cursed until their next breath.
Mild Effort (x2): Finding out which locked room that has the spell and finding a way inside, figuring out a puzzle
Strenuous Effort (x3): Taking a sledgehammer and smashing up the engraved wall
Vast Effort (x4): Breaking into the sealed tomb, fighting past the traps and guardian spirits, and finding the time to chisel away the runes
Nearly impossible (x5): Becoming wealthy enough to build your skyscraper high enough to break the cloud layer, buying a castle full of gargoyles and relocating it on top of your skyscraper
What do you think?
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