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Default Re: List of all promo cards

Originally Posted by scuba1125 View Post
I have been a bit out of the promo loop, so can anyone clarify for me what the Oomba set is? I saw we had 4 of those posted and I think someone mentioned that was some set of 9?
The Oomba cards are promos given out at the "Unrivaled" tournament series.

There are 9 cards + 1 bookmark

Cards (Fantasy):
#1 Take Two [D]
#2 Scavenge [T]
#3 Sea Horse [D]
#4 Yoink! [T]
#5 Curse! Downcheck! [D]
#6 Head Butt [T]
#7 Woodpecker Steed [D]
#8 Drinking Vessel [T]
#9 Return to normality [D]

Numbered and with url:
--> Check out everything about bookmarks and promos!
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