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Default Re: [Sorcery] Those Other Spells...

And, a long period of too-many boardgaming posts winding down, I just posted another set of ten spells:
Dungeons & Sorcery Spells 7
The big 'classics' this time are Knock and Hold Person.

I also went in and retitled the series last week (from "Dungeon Sorcery" to "Dungeons & Sorcery") so it'll seem a little less like it should be a direct plug-in to the Dungeon Fantasy line/RPG.

Also, I added new material to the original post with a new "Under the Hood" explaining spell rarity a little more, and "That Ol' Time D&D" and "Bound and Gagged" got some more guidelines as to how I'm writing the spells.

Dungeons & Sorcery Part 1
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